Small Farm Living Resource Centre

Toolkit of resources and information relevant to Tasmanian smallholders

In 2012, NRM North commissioned a report from consultants Wombat Creative to guide how we should best engage with smallholders in our region. One finding of the surveys and focus groups undertaken by Wombat Creative was that smallholders rely heavily on the internet for information about farming and land management. In light of this, NRM North decided to include a web-based resource centre as part of its Small Farm Living program. The goal is to provide smallholders with a first 'port of call' for information relevant to them, rather than having to wade through information aimed at large, commercial farmers, or information from interstate or overseas, and determine what is useful for their situation.

The information is from a wide range of sources: government and non-government; Tasmania and elsewhere.

We hope you find the Small Farm Living Resource Centre useful in your endeavours to thrive on and look after your small property.

Chemical Use & Safety


Livestock & Grazing

Native Fauna

Native Vegetation

Pest & Wildlife Management

Property Data & Mapping

Rivers, Streams & Wetlands

Soil & Pasture Health

Sustainable Living

Water, Irrigation & Dams



Help us!

In order to keep the Small Farm Living Resource Centre as useful as possible for landholders like you, please let us know if any of the documents or links are not working. We also welcome new resources to add to the site; if you find a useful resource you would like to see included, or just have general feedback about the site, please contact us.  Note that all suggested resources will be assessed for accuracy, relevance and distribution permission before inclusion.



While the resources and links in the Small Farm Living Resource Centre have been reviewed and assessed as relevant to smallholders in northern Tasmania, NRM North accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in any documents or on any linked websites. The information is general in nature and may not be applicable to your specific area, property or situation.

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