23Jun 2018
Upcoming Events
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30Jun 2018
Permaculture Approach to Property Design and Planning
After the success of the last ‘Permaculture Approach to Property Design and Planning’ workshop in March, we’ve decided to run it again! This wor…
30Jun 2018
George River & Flood Management Field Day
Join us at St Helens to find out what has been learnt about river & flood management from flood-recovery river management projects since the 2016 floo…
8Jul 2018
NAIDOC 2018 - Queen Victoria Art Gallery and Gorgeous Walks and Talks
A Cultural Celebration with Dr Aunty Patsy Cameron AO and Geoff McLean. Welcome to Country and Ochre Celebration followed by a walk and talk through…
13Jul 2018
larapuna/Bay of Fires Community Weekend
Three days of walks, shared learning, building community and helping conserve the spectacular larapuna/Bay of Fires coastline by removing sea spurge a…

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