About Us

NRM North is one of three formally recognised regional natural resource management bodies in Tasmania and one of 56 across Australia. NRM North was established in March 2003 through a community-driven process in response to the Tasmanian Government’s Natural Resource Management Framework and its enabling legislation, the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002 (2009 Amendments).

NRM North is responsible for the planning, delivery and implementation of integrated natural resource management (NRM) in Northern Tasmania.

What this means is that we take a holistic approach to managing the environment through identifying regional priorities and develop integrated NRM plans that are based on sound scientific data.

NRM North’s vision is to "be the leading non-government organisation that produces results in natural resource management across northern Tasmania."

We cannot achieve our vision alone and closely work in partnerships with stakeholders to develop the best ways to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources for future generations.

Our vision is supported by the following principles:

  • Whilst the government provides the majority of funding for the activities of the organisation, NRM North is independent in its decision making and actively seeks funding from non-government sources.
  • We aim to positively influence the way people view and manage the natural resources of the northern region and get relevant activities happening on the ground.
  • NRM North recognises that northern Tasmania is made up of the sub-regions of Break O’Day, Dorset, Furneaux, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and Tamar. (Defined by local government boundries) NRM North’s approach to community engagment reflects this sub-regional composition.

Our role is to:

  • Develop programs that recognise the need to balance the environmental, economic and social needs of the community.
  • Provide leadership to ensure that sound management of the region's natural resources continues.
  • Promote partnerships with all stakeholders to determine appropriate investment and cost sharing strategies.

Our aims are achieved through five regional programs

Flora and Fauna at a Landscape Level

Implements activities that maintain and improve high conservation areas and threatened species by reducing the impact of invasive plants and animals.

Rivers and Water for Life

Supports activities that improve the water quality and health of the rivers in northern Tasmania.
This programme includes the Tamar Estuary & Esk Rivers (TEER) Programme which aims to protect, maintain and enhance the waterways within the Esk Rivers and Tamar Estuary.

Productive Landscapes

Working with the community to implementing best practices of land and resource use.

Healthy Coasts and Seas

Focus on improving our understanding and integrated management of our estuarine, coastal and marine environments.

Community Partnerships

Brings people, organisations and information together to improve our ability to effectively manage our natural resources to meet community expectations.

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