NRM North Regional Stormwater Quality Management Strategy

In 2013, NRM North worked with consultants, all councils in the region and TasWater to develop a Regional Stormwater Quality Management Strategy (SQMS). The SQMS was developed to help guide stormwater quality management activities by the Northern Tasmanian Stormwater Program and councils in the region.


  • Provides a snapshot of current stormwater management in the region;
  • Acts as an information hub for people involved in stormwater quality management;
  • Details nine regional actions to help achieve improved stormwater quality management;
  • Contains individual Stormwater Quality Management Plans for participating councils as appendices; and
  • Includes a WSUD Implementation Decision Support Tool (DST) to assist councils and developers with estimating the size and lifecycle costs of WSUD treatments and treatment trains, and to help Councils prioritise sub-catchments for stormwater quality improvement measures.

For more information, please contact the NRM North Water Coordinator on (03) 6333 7785.

Supported by
   Launceston City Council West Tamar Council George Town Council  Northern Midlands CouncilMeander Valley Council         

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