Northern Tasmanian Stormwater Program

Raingarden installed at Queechy High School

In 2011, NRM North started the Northern Tasmanian Stormwater Program (NTSP) to help manage threats to water quality and ecological health that are linked to stormwater pollution.

The NTSP is a regional partnership between NRM North, TasWater and all eight councils in Tasmania’s northern NRM region. NRM works with program partners to improve stormwater quality management across the region.

A key role of the NTSP is to facilitate improved implementation of Water Sensitive Urban Design and improved sediment and erosion control practices across the region. In 2013, the NRM North Regional Stormwater Quality Management Strategy was developed to help achieve such improvements.

But, stormwater quality management isn’t just for the NTSP and councils, there’s also plenty everyone can do to improve the way we manage stormwater at home.

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   Launceston City Council West Tamar Council George Town Council  Northern Midlands CouncilMeander Valley Council         

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