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Property Management Planning for Smallholders

NRM North’s Small Property Planning Options

Many smallholders have limited time and resources to manage their property, and may be new to land management.  The aim of NRM North’s Small Property Planning is to help you identify what assets and issues you have on your property, and to prioritise actions to achieve your goals.  The process includes mapping your current scenario and future plans, undertaking a risk assessment across different aspects of your property, and identifying what research or assistance you may require in order to implement actions.

Property Planning may be available in a workshop format if your property is in a priority area within the NRM North region or you get together with a number of neighbours to form a group.  Contact us to express your interest in a Property Planning workshop.  Alternatively, you can download the Property Planning workbooks and complete them on a self-assessment basis (see below).

Self-assessment option

If your property is within the Northern Tasmania NRM Region (comprising the Municipalities of Break O'Day, Dorset, Flinders Island, George Town, Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar), please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and complete the Registration Form and forward to NRM North. Allow 3-6 weeks to receive your Property Maps, depending on demand.
  2. If you opt to use the Electronic Workbooks, download them below. If you opt for hard copy workbooks, we will send them to you with your maps.
  3. Once you have your maps and workbooks, complete the workbooks and follow instructions to undertake your current and future scenario mapping.
  4. At any stage during the process, feel free to contact NRM North or your local NRM Facilitator for advice and assistance.  Also utilise the Small Farm Living Resource Centre on this website to research specific topics related to your property planning.

If your property is not in the Northern Tasmania NRM Region, you are welcome to download and use the Property Planning workbooks, however some sections such as those referring to legislation may not be relevant to your location, and unfortunately we cannot provide you with property maps.  The downloads below can be printed and filled out as hard copies, or saved and filled electronically.  Land management or Property Planning support may be available from your local NRM, CMA or Landcare organisation.


Download Smallholding Property Planning Workbook (3700 KB)


Download Smallholding Self-assessment Tool (2900 KB)

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