Project Resources

Guidelines for riparian fencing in flood‐prone areas have been developed to assist land managers select the most appropriate fence type, design, location and building technique in flood prone area. For the fact sheet click here. For the full guide click here

Revegetation Projects, Best Practice Guide for Tasmania,  click here

Riparian Revegetation is undertaken to replace riparian vegetation lost through erosion, clearing and grazing. For a fact sheet click here

Understorey Network lists native plants suitable for riparian areas. click here

Water for Livestock outlines the potential issues with stock water and how to improve water quality for stock. click here.

Waterways and Wetlands Works Manual provides best practice guidelines for undertaking works in sensitive areas. click here

Effluent Management information for Tasmanian Dairy Farms is a quick guide with contacts and resources click here.

Dairy Australia have released Dairying for Tomorrow - Effluent Management video series. click here to watch the series.

The Angler Access Program improves access for anglers to Tasmania’s fisheries. This involves working with landowners and creating formal access agreements. For more information please click here.



This project is supported with funding provided by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments through the Launceston City Deal and the Australian Government Tamar Estuary River Health Grant.

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