Investing in NRM

Everyone can play a part in natural resource management because we all have an interest in protecting our natural systems, using precious resources wisely and in ensuring livelihoods.

Each of the region’s strategies list priorities for investment – the things we need to do that will make the biggest difference to the management of our natural resources. Investment proposals outlining the opportunities for involvement in addressing regional priorities are developed on a yearly basis. Contact your regional NRM for more information about these.

There are great benefits in investing in NRM projects and activities. It’s a tangible way of connecting to the community you operate in, it shows you share the same aspirations and values as NRM - something people notice these days, and even your staff can get involved in projects as part of their professional development.

There are many ways to invest in NRM in your region – cash support, in-kind support, advocating for priorities and projects, encouraging others to get involved.


You’d like to be involved but you don’t know how...

You have looked at the priorities and activities for your region and you have found something you really like. It’s a great match with your values and how you want to support your community...

You have an idea or project you would like to see developed that you think will help reach the regional targets...



Rosanna Coombes
Ph: (03) 6333 7771


Donald Coventry
Ph: (03) 6221 6120

Cradle Coast

Executive Officer   
Richard Ingram
Ph: (03) 6431 6251

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