How to claim funding

You will firstly need to contact the appropriate Local and State Government authorities for any necessary permits and approvals, before starting any works (particularly in-stream works).

Once approval is received you may then carry out eligible works in accordance with the guidelines as proposed in your nomination, collecting valid tax receipts for contracted works or materials supplied as part of your project. To download the ALRS Nomination Guidelines click here.

Once works are complete, fill in the ALRS Tax Invoice Form including bank details and signature, then attach paid receipts that verify your claim against your nomination. To download a form click here.

If you are not registered for GST, you will need to fill in a Statement by a Supplier form and submit it with the ALRS invoice. For more information and to download a form click here

All receipts must be submitted by 15th May 2018, after which date any claim made against the Scheme will not be paid.

Payment will be made via direct deposit within 30 days of receiving a valid Tax Invoice claim for eligible activities under the scheme.

By accepting the offered funding amount, you are acknowledging the following conditions:

  • It is the landholder’s responsibility to seek any necessary permits and approvals from relevant Local and State Government authorities, prior to commencing any works (particularly in-stream works).
  • You will adhere to the proposed works outlined in the nomination form submitted - the NRM regional bodies and the Tasmanian Government do not take responsibility for any illegal or inappropriate works carried out with the ALRS funding.
  • You acknowledge invoices will only be paid if the invoices are consistent with the eligibility investment guidelines of the program.
  • It is a requirement that successful nominees have current Public Liability Insurance for the duration of the works. A Certificate of Currency might be required upon request.

For further information contact the ALRS team on 1300 043 116 or

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