How it all began

A northern NRM regional committee was established in response to the Tasmanian Government’s Natural Resource Management Framework and its enabling legislation, the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. In order to put forward a regional NRM committee that could enjoy the confidence and support of the broad range of NRM stakeholders in the region, a community NRM association was first established, with the function of being the parent body for that committee.

Following a series of public forums throughout 2002 and into early 2003, key NRM stakeholders in the northern region of Tasmania agreed to establish the Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Association Inc. As part of this process, a constitution was developed and publicly endorsed with the newly formed association incorporated under the association's Incorporation Act on 26th March, 2003.

A notable feature of the association is the means by which a balance of NRM interests, comparable to the balancing principles contained in the state NRM framework, have been included in the association's constitution. To this effect, all identified NRM stakeholder sectors and interests in the region have been allocated 56 membership seats in proportions endorsed through public forums and surveys during the establishment process. A further 25 seats are open to nominations from individuals with an interest in northern NRM, subject to selection processes designed to maintain the aforementioned balance of interests.

Through a selection panel and member endorsement, the association appointed a Management Committee. On 30th July 2003, the Northern Regional NRM Committee registered the trading name NRM North and has since carried out general operations under that name.

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