Fact Sheets

Riparian Revegetation - Riparian revegetation is undertaken to re-place riparian vegetation lost through erosion, clearing and grazing. To download a copy click here.

Rock Beaching - (also known as rock revetment) involves the placement of quarried, angular rock (rip rap) against a stream bank to prevent further erosion of the bank in the medium term. To download a copy click here.

Timber revetment - (also known as log revetment) involves the place-ment of timber on a stream bank with the objective of preventing bank erosion over the medium term. To download a copy click here.

Flood Fencing - Guidelines for riparian fencing in flood‐prone areas have been developed to assist land managers to minimise future flood damage. The guidelines help to select the most appropriate fence type, design, location and building technique. To download a copy click here

Understorey Network has a plant species list for most Local Government manicipality across the state which identify easy to grow or easy to purchase native plants. They also identify which plant species are suitable for erosion protection and riparian revegetation. To go to their website and download a list from your local area click here.

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