Ecosystem Health Assessment Program

Established in October 2009, the Tamar Estuary Ecosystem Health Assessment Program (EHAP) is a coordinated partnership approach to monitoring and reporting on the ecosystem health of the Tamar Estuary.

Monitoring partners are involved in providing data to NRM North for collation in a centralised database. The EHAP monitoring sites cover the entire length of the Tamar Estuary and includes 16 monthly ambient monitoring sites from Home Reach in Launceston to Low Head at the mouth of the Tamar estuary near George Town. Additional data is provided to NRM North from the local councils and industry groups adjacent to the estuary.

The data collated for the EHAP is used to produce annual report cards. The latest report cards can be downloaded from the TEER publication library.

The EHAP operates on a four year cycle which includes intensive monthly monitoring of the Tamar Estuary for two years with the release of annual report cards, followed by two years where the TEER will focus on discrete scientific investigations and research into priority issues affecting the estuary.

EHAP Monitoring Partners include:

  • NRM North
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Launceston City Council
  • Meander Valley Council
  • George Town Council
  • West Tamar Council
  • Northern Midlands Council
  • University of Tasmania
  • Australian Maritime College
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Van Diemen Aquaculture
  • South32
  • BCD Resources
  • TasWater
  • Bell Bay Aluminium
  • Launceston Flood Authority
Supported by
Tasmania - Explore the possibilitiesLaunceston City CouncilWest Tamar CouncilGeorge Town CouncilNorthern Midlands CouncilMeander Valley CouncilHydro Tasmania

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