Program Aim:

To ensure a long-term sustainable organisational model that delivers NRM results for the community and demonstrates best practice business management and governance

The Big Picture:

NRM North is one of 56 regional NRM bodies throughout Australia and one of three in Tasmania. All regional bodies are faced with a number of challenges, including;
• reduced funding, changing priorities, a lack of resources and sustainable organisational funding model
• greater expectation to deliver more with less from both investors and community – managing expectations
• increased reporting, compliance and regulatory obligations, and
• the need to demonstrate outcomes across a range of program areas.
To meet these challenges, NRM North will focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness, continue to work with the community and partners on strategic planning and implementation and focus on best practice processes and instilling a culture of continuous improvement.


Strategic Focus:

The strategic priorities for NRM North to focus on between 2015-2025 include:
• Developing a Northern Tasmanian NRM Strategy that remains relevant and reflects the needs of the community and that we attract partners who seek to engage with us in program delivery;
• Establishing a viable, long term and sustainable funding model and a recognised effective governing body demonstrating best practice governance, structure, policy and skills;
• Demonstrating business results and outcomes through implementation of Strategic Plans and a focus on continuous business improvement, process mapping and performance measurement;
• Establishing and maintaining a secure information management system that allows monitoring of organisational performance and supports engagement and partnerships; and
• A focus on staff performance management systems which includes individual work plans, performance assessment, professional development, and reward and recognition.

Program Delivery:

Program delivery for the corporate program will involve all staff working in collaboration with NRM North’s senior management team to deliver change across the organisation and monitor performance, risks, business improvement and implementation progress. Key partners NRM North will work with to deliver the Corporate Services program include; the Northern Tasmanian Community, Local, State and Federal Government and other agencies and investors, and NRM North Management Committee and Sub-Committees, NRM North Senior Management Team and Extended Leadership Team, NRM North Staff and engaging with external experts such as human resource consultants, cyber security experts and data management providers to provide specialist advice and guidance and develop best practice policy and procedures.


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