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About the TEER

The TEER was established in 2008 and is a regional partnership between the agencies responsible for management of the Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers waterways. The TEER Program aims to provide a coordinated approach to management and guide for solutions and investment to protect, maintain and enhance the Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers systems from ‘catchment to coast’.

A key goal of the program is to improve our scientific understanding of the issues impacting upon the health of the TEER waterways so that we can better identify and target priority areas requiring investment in on-ground works.

The TEER Program fosters collaborative partnerships and works closely with a range of partners including industry, government, research and development institutions, business, natural resource management organisations and the community to monitor and report on waterway health as well as coordinating activities to reduce pollutants entering waterways.

The TEER comprises of a Steering Committee, Scientific and Technical Committee and issue specific working groups.

The TEER Strategic Framework was developed in 2008 through a community consultation process and describes the five key strategies the TEER works towards achieving with our partners and the community.

  1. Protect, maintain and enhance natural values
  2. Build sustainable futures
  3. Work together to provide integrated governance, planning and management
  4. Build community knowledge and awareness of the Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers systems
  5. Improve the amenity of the Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers systems
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