Productive Landscapes

The Productive Landscapes program delivers a wide range of activities to assist the long-term productive use of our landscapes, balanced with conservation values. By landscapes we mean the land and its uses, including agriculture, conservation and urban development, and the rivers and estuaries which drain the land. The cornerstone of the Productive Landscapes program is to help managers to apply various supporting tools, developed for implementation at a property or sub-catchment level.
There are numerous competing uses for our productive landscapes, including farming, pastoral, forestry, fishing, aquaculture, mining, urban development, industrial development, tourism and recreation. The mix of uses is changing. In some areas more land is being reserved for conservation, while in other areas agricultural use is intensifying, and urban development is expanding.
This program seeks to assist in the management of those landscapes, through productive and sustainable use of resources and providing information and frameworks for best practice management. The program also works to improve our understanding and management of threats to the long-term viability of the productive lands of northern Tasmania.

This program has two themes:


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