Our Staff

 Andrew_BaldwinSAndrew Baldwin

Water & Strategic Programs  Manager

Andrew facilitates the collection and distribution of knowledge and data. This includes the co-ordination, collection, interpretation and use of scientific information at a regional and sub-regional level, and the identification of knowledge gaps and research needs for the region.



Adrian James

Land Program Manager & Regional Landcare Facilitator

With land and water inextricably linked, Adrian integrates programs to deliver water outcomes from improvements in the land. Adrian has a Masters degree in Environmental Management and eleven years’ experience in agricultural extension and project management.


Kate Thorn

Biodiversity Program Manager

 Kate works with public and private land managers as well as community groups to ensure protection of our unique and diverse flora and fauna and coastal environments.  Projects include supporting landholders to revegetate their properties and protect existing native habitat, through to collaborating with government agencies and other stakeholders to implement recovery actions for threatened species and ecological communities, and to plan for the impacts of climate change on our biodiversity.


sarah presnell

Sarah Presnell

ExecutiveAssistant/ Finance Officer

Provide support to the CEO and Corporate Services Manager.


Denise_ColvinSDenise Colvin

Administration Coordinator

Denise manages the office at NRM North, including daily administration and event co-ordination and provides logistic support to staff and management. Denise brings a diverse range of professional skills and experience to this position. She has various qualifications in administration and finance, facilitation and technical fields.

Michael_AttardSRussell Currie

Agricultural Landscape Rehabilitation Scheme (ALRS) Project Officer

Russell’s role is to coordinate delivery of the Agricultural Landscape Rehabilitation Scheme (ALRS) across flood affected communities in Tasmania.


Greg_StewartSGreg Stewart

Invasive Species Coordinator

As Weeds coordinator, Greg works with all stakeholders across the region to co-ordinate the implementation of the high priority actions identified in the Weed Action Plan for the Northern NRM Region. Education and awareness and regional co-ordination to ensure best practice weed management is the focus. Support will also be provided for community groups and land managers to undertake effective on-ground weed control.

Jo_VollerSJo Voller

Land Coordinator

Jo's role is to manage and develop activities within the Productive Landscapes Program, foster partnerships with stakeholders and ensure the program grows to fulfil NRM North’s regional priorities. Jo grew up in northern Tasmania and studied Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. Initially spending time in the aquaculture industry, she has spent the last 12 years on the Darling Downs in southern Queensland working in and studying land and riverine management and sustainable living.

Jesse Webster

Water Coordinator

As Stormwater & Catchment Officer, Jesse works with all stakeholders in Tasmania’s northern NRM region to help manage threats to water quality and ecological health that are linked to stormwater pollution. In this role, Jesse provides technical advice and support to partners of the Northern Tasmanian Stormwater Program and helps to facilitate implementation of Water Sensitive Urban Design and improved sediment and erosion control practices at the regional and municipal level. 

Alison Hugo

Biodiversity Coordinator

Alison’s role is to coordinate projects and activities that support the regional landcare and sustainable agriculture community and care groups across northern Tasmania. Alison completed a Bachelor of Social Science at Charles Sturt University and has since has worked in the capacity of engaging community in NRM for more than 14 years.

 Peter Heading

Regional Landcare Faciliator

 With a focus on sustainable land management practices, Peter works with landholders from various farming regions within northern Tasmania.  His primary role is to provide landholders with the necessary skills and knowledge through workshops, field days and on-ground trial work to assist in building on their farm management practices. Originally from a farming background in Queensland, Peter has lived and worked in northern Tasmania for 35 years. He was previously employed with Serve-Ag, a Tasmanian based agribusiness for four years implementing a similar sustainable farm management project.

toni furlongeDr Toni Furlonge

Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers (TEER) Scientific and Technical Coordintator

Toni is NRM North’s Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers (TEER) Program Scientific and Technical Coordinator. For the past 11 years, Toni has worked with NRM North monitoring and assessing the regions rivers and wetlands. Through biological, riparian and water quality assessments, data analysis has provided an improved understanding of the character of the region's rivers and wetlands. Prior to working with NRM North, Toni worked with Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Victoria, in GIS and Natural Resource Management, and Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment Tasmania.

Megan Dykman

NRM North Facilitator & Small Farm Living Coordinator

Megan’s role is to work closely with the community, smallholders and other stakeholders to facilitate their involvement in NRM activities. Her key functions include coordination of NRM North's Small Farm Living Program,  strategic assistance with funding proposals, partnership development and NRM communications. Megan grew up in the Tamar region and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science: Marine Environment, at the Australian Maritime College.



Shelley Flower

Agricultural Landscape Rehabilitation Scheme (ALRS) Administration Officer

Shelley’s role is to provide administrative support to the Agricultural Landscape Rehabilitation Scheme (ALRS) project team at NRM North.  This scheme assists flood-affected landowners and communities through funding projects aimed at rehabilitation of land and stream systems damaged as a result of the June 2016 floods. The focus of the program is to restore the capacity of the primary production sector and reduce impacts of future floods on agricultural land.  Shelley grew up on a small farm in rural New Zealand but has been based in Australia since 2004.




stu brownleaStuart Brownlea

NRM Facilitator, Meander Valley (In partnership with Meander Valley Council)

Stuart is the main point of contact for NRM matters in the Meander Valley municipality, employed under a partnership agreement between the Meander Valley Council and NRM North. His key functions include strategic assistance with funding proposals, partnership development and NRM communications.


Polly Buchhorn

NRM Facilitator - Break O'Day (In partnership with Break O'Day Council)

Polly is the main point of contact for NRM matters in the Break O’Day municipality, employed under a partnership agreement between the Break O’Day Council and NRM North. Key functions include strategic assistance with funding proposals, partnership development and NRM communications.

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